Vienna Announces Holiday Discounts and New Instruments Collection Recorders

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The Vienna Symphonic Library team is pleased to announce their traditional holiday offers with major upgrade discounts from their Vienna Special Editions towards Vienna Instruments Collections and Bundles. Additionally, the Austrian company releases the all-new Vienna Instruments Collection Recorders, featuring sample recordings of four different solo instruments. The new collection is currently available at a reduced introductory price of US$135, valid until January 15, 2013.

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Additional Upgrade Discounts during the Holiday Season
From December 1, 2012 through January 15, 2013 the Vienna Symphonic Library offers special discounts for users of the Vienna Special Editions when upgrading to the full-fledged Vienna Instruments Collections. For the first time, and only during this holiday season, the discounts apply to Standard Libraries of the Vienna Instruments Collections in addition to the regular discounts on the corresponding Extended Libraries. Users who purchase a Full Library (Standard and Extended Library) of a Vienna Instruments Collection within the promotional period will receive double discounts. Details can be found at and at the company’s North American distributor ILIO at

New Vienna Instruments Collection – Recorders
Recorders are not necessarily known as typical orchestral instruments. In spite of that, or exactly because of that, the Viennese company has devoted their extensive experience in sampling development to capture these unique instruments. Recorders is a collection of four solo instruments – soprano recorder, alto recorder, tenor recorder, and the great bass recorder – that have been recorded in painstaking detail and with a great variety of articulations. Although the instruments’ ranges in terms of pitch and dynamics are more limited compared to their close relatives, the (traverse) flutes, they will add a particular exotic timbre with references to ancient or far eastern worlds to any orchestral score. Like all other existing Vienna Instruments Collections, Recorders comes with the company’s proprietary and free Vienna Instruments player (AU/VST/AAX Native/RTAS plug-in and stand-alone) and will also load into the optional player Vienna Instruments PRO. Recorders is available for download at a special introductory price of US-$135 (regular $205) through January 15, 2013.