Vienna Symphonic Library Introduces Two New Vienna Special Editions

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Vienna Symphonic Library announces the release of two new Collections for their entry-level orchestra packages, the Vienna Special Editions. The Special Edition Volume 3 - "Appassionata & Muted Strings" and Volume 4 - "Special Winds & Choir" are now available for download. As an additional option to downloading, customers may order a 64 GB USB flash drive for a nominal fee. Coinciding with this announcement, the Austrian company introduces a new modular system to the Vienna Special Editions, based on Sections, Collections, and new Bundles, with lower prices and new upgrade paths. All of Vienna's previously existing Special Edition products remain available, with some minor naming adjustments.

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A large-scale orchestra with choir and more

The Vienna Special Editions are Vienna's resource-saving, affordable all-in one orchestra libraries with a cross-section of their 1.5 million sample archive. With the addition of the new Collections, Vienna Symphonic Library's entry-level offerings now include the whole variety of symphonic instruments and much more. The Vienna Special Editions comprise common and rare, baroque and contemporary instruments, with basic and advanced playing techniques, executed by Vienna's finest soloists and ensembles from the city's famous orchestras.

The new Special Edition Volume 3 "Appassionata & Muted Strings" includes the cinematic Appassionata Strings section with a staggering 56 players and "con sordino" (muted) recordings of the company's multi-award winning Solo Strings and Chamber Strings. The Special Edition Volume 4 "Special Winds & Choir" features the Vienna Choir as well as 15 additional woodwind and brass instruments that are not included in any previous Special Edition Collection, such as bass flute, heckelphone, Fanfare Trumpets, cornet, flugelhorn, euphonium and cimbasso. The new Bundles are the Special Edition Complete Bundle and the Special Edition Core Bundle, both available at reduced prices when compared to purchasing the included Collections separately.

Introductory Prices

Customers who purchase the new Special Edition Collections through June 15, 2012 benefit from lower prices. During the introductory period, the Special Edition Volume 3 "Appassionata & Muted Strings" is available for US$390 instead of $435, the Special Edition Volume 4 - "Special Winds & Choir" is priced at $295 instead of $330.

Vienna Symphonic Library is distributed in North America by ILIO. More information on the company's DVD and download products can be found at: