Vienna Symphonic Library Offers Promo Bundle

Create Your Own Symphonic Cube and Get Free Instruments
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The multi award-winning Symphonic Cube has been one of Vienna Symphonic Library’s flagship products since the very beginning, and remains an industry icon to this day. The specially priced bundle includes 10 select Vienna Instruments Collections that encompass nearly every instrument and section of the large symphony orchestra.

With this one-month limited-time offer, we invite you to create your own "Personal Symphonic Cube". Purchase six Vienna Instruments Collections of your choice and get four additional Collections of equal or lesser value for free!

Choose any 10 Vienna Instruments Collections (excluding bundles) from June 1 through June 30, 2015. The four least expensive of those collections will be refunded to you after purchase! (Does not apply to purchases of Single Instruments, Bundles, and Special Editions product.)

Combine Standard Libraries and/or Full Libraries, and choose from a total of 27 Vienna Instruments Collections:

Solo Strings I Woodwinds I Percussion
Solo Strings II Woodwinds II Elements
Chamber Strings I Special Woodwinds Vienna Imperial
Chamber Strings II Saxophones Konzerthaus Organ
Orchestral Strings I Recorders Special Keyboards
Orchestral Strings II Brass I Bösendorfer Imperial
Appassionata Strings I Brass II Vienna Choir
Appassionata Strings IIS pecial Brass Vienna Solo Voices

Vienna Dimension Strings Vienna Dimension Brass Harps

Purchase 20 Vienna Instruments Collections (excluding bundles) during the month of June and receive eight of those Collections for free!

Get in on this special offer before time runs out!