Vienna Symphonic Library Presents Additions to Ensemble Instrument Collections Series

A New Dimension of Inspiration – Part II
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At this year’s Winter NAMM show the Austrian company presented their newest additions to their “Dimension” series of ensemble instrument collections, Vienna Dimension Strings II and Vienna Dimension Brass II. Additionally, visitors had the opportunity to listen to the entire arsenal of Vienna Instruments in various acoustic spaces and settings. Vienna’s latest software innovation, Vienna Suite Pro, comprises 14 audio processing plug-ins for mixing and mastering that support surround formats up to 12.2. The presentation stage was hosted by Vienna’s American distributor, ILIO. 

Multi-Dimensional Virtual Ensemble Collections 

All instruments of the Vienna “Dimension” series of products were recorded in groups, but with individual microphones for each player, resulting in a homogenous sound while still allowing utmost performance flexibility by automatically or manually accessing each individual voice. Users may create their personalized sound, e.g., simply by adjusting the level and position in the mix for each player, or by assigning individual controllers such as velocity crossfade and expression to get natural “imperfect” dynamic changes within the ensemble.

Vienna Dimension Brass II complements the original Vienna Dimension Brass I with three muted brass ensembles (four trumpets, four trombones, four French horns) and a unique Wagner tuba ensemble rarely found in other libraries.

The four ensembles of Vienna Dimension Strings II (8 violins, 6 violas, 6 cellos, and 4 double basses) were exclusively recorded “con sordino” (with mutes) and feature nearly the same playing techniques as the previously released Vienna Dimension Strings I. Customers who take advantage of the current Early Bird Offer get Vienna Dimension Strings II (Standard Library) for $445 (regularly $695). Like all other Vienna Instruments Collections, the products of the “Dimension” series are fully compatible with the company’s award-winning free Vienna Instruments player. To make the Vienna Symphonic Library at Winter NAMM 2016 most of these multi-dimensional samples, the use of Vienna Instruments PRO with its advanced Human Performance Control features is highly recommended.

High-Precision Stereo & Surround Audio Tools

Vienna Suite Pro is the latest software development from the Austrian company and includes a collection of fourteen 64-bit high-precision plug-ins for a wide variety of audio-processing tasks. From dynamics and filter processing plug-ins such as Compressor Pro, Limiter Pro, Multiband Pro, and Equalizer Pro, to analysis plug-ins such as Goniometer Pro and Loudness Pro – the software offers all the essential audio tools for everyday use and more, whether for individual track processing and mixing or for the final mastering process. Further developed algorithms, improved real-time visualization and more flexibility in any setup, from stereo up to 12.2 surround formats, are just a few of the product’s innovations that distinguish it from its predecessor Vienna Suite.

Live Presentations in Southern California

Along with the new developments the Vienna Symphonic Library showcased their entire palette of virtual orchestral instruments and software products. The presentation stage was hosted by Vienna’s American distributor, ILIO. 

About the Vienna Symphonic Library

The Vienna Symphonic Library is an innovative, research-driven music software and sample library developer based in Vienna, Austria. The team continually strives to improve virtual orchestral music production with a special emphasis on authenticity and ease-of-use.

Vienna Instruments, the company’s multi-award-winning virtual instruments in the formats AU, VST, AAX Native, and RTAS, encompass an exhaustive range of solo instruments and ensembles, from their flagship Symphonic Cube to special instruments such as the Vienna Konzerthaus Organ, the Vienna Imperial grand piano, saxophones, upright bass, and even distorted guitar. Vienna Instruments Pro is the most powerful software sample player on the market, providing Auto © 2016 Vienna Symphonic Library GmbH 2/3 Humanization, Polyphonic Legato, Enveloped Time Stretching, Adjustable Tuning Scales as well as an internal Auto-Playback and Pattern Sequencer. Vienna MIR Pro and Vienna MIR Pro 24 are network-capable mixing and reverberation solutions for Macs and PCs, based on Multi-Impulse Response convolution. Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 is a universal mixing-host for stand-alone and cross-platform network applications with full parameter automation and 3rd party plug-in support. 

More information on the company’s products can be found at and at