Vienna Symphonic Library showcases their latest product developments at NAMM 2017

A Renaissance of Strings & Winds
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A Renaissance of Strings & Winds

At this year’s Winter NAMM show the Austrian company presents their latest product releases such as Solo Violin 2, Solo Cello 2 and Historic Winds I & II. Additionally, visitors will have the opportunity to listen to the entire arsenal of Vienna Instruments in various acoustic spaces and settings. Vienna’s revamped mixing and host software Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 comes with major performance improvements and a wealth of new features, such as full retina graphics support, VST plug-in hosting on the Mac, tabbed instances, channel grouping options, VCA folders, and more. The presentation stage is hosted by Vienna’s American distributor, ILIO, at booth #6724 in Hall A of the Anaheim Convention Center. An additional clinic is held by Vienna’s Product Manager Paul Kopf on January 24 at Westlake Pro in North Hollywood.

All Strings Attached

Solo Violin 2 and Solo Cello 2 come as full-fledged Vienna Instruments Collections and offer an alternative or addition to the instruments included in Vienna’s Solo Strings I Library. Both new instruments are the perfect choice for users who are looking for two different timbres of the violin and the cello, e.g., for solo and chamber music instrumentations, such as in a string quartet. The solo violin was performed by highly acclaimed Hollywood studio violinist Dimitrie J. Leivici. His references include over 1,000 renowned movie scores, such as Avatar, Titanic, Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story, and Indiana Jones. Additionally, Dimitrie is concertmaster of Vienna’s Synchron Stage Orchestra. The solo cello was played by Florian Eggner who gained international recognition as a virtuoso chamber musician with his two brothers Georg and Christoph. The “Eggner Trio” is one of today’s leading piano trios and has performed numerous concerts in virtually all renowned venues of the world. Additionally, Florian is one of the first-chair players of the Synchron Stage Orchestra. Both solo instruments provide an extensive range of articulations like the ones included in Vienna’s popular Solo Strings I Collection.

Ancient Winds

Historic Winds I & II focus on unique instruments from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Historic Winds I includes transverse flute, Baroque oboe, oboe da caccia, ophicleide and serpent. The last had been rediscovered in the 20th century by legendary film music composers such as Bernard Hermann and Jerry Goldsmith who used a serpent in Ridley Scott’s legendary sci-fi horror movie “Alien” (1979). Historic Winds II contains cornett (zink), five crumhorns (covering the soprano, alto, tenor, bass and double bass register), as well as three natural trumpets (in Bb, C and D). Both Collections are perfectly suited to score historic film subjects but they are also a souce of inspiration when looking for all-new timbres for solo performances or instrumental combinations.

Revamped Mixing and Host Software

Since its first release in fall 2009 Vienna Ensemble Pro has become the definitive cross-platform network solution in studios and production facilities around the world. The latest version 6 again offers major improvements in terms of performance and usability. Improved multi-threading performance allows for faster plug-in scanning and faster connection/disconnection times when switching between projects. Channel organization has never been easier with miniature view options and with new VCA folders that can be customized and individually color-coded. What’s more, channels can now be assigned to a group with the option of linking selected channel parameters to the entire group. Freezing/Disabling of channels allows unloading all plug-ins and their allocated memory while keeping data intact. The intelligent auto-save function saves projects at desired intervals, without interrupting a playing session as it only functions when transport is stopped. Last but not least, the hosting of VST plug-ins on Macs makes projects fully compatible with Windows and vice versa.

Live Presentations in Southern California

Vienna Symphonic Library will showcase their entire palette of virtual orchestral instruments and software products at NAMM 2017, January 19-22. The presentation stage is hosted by Vienna’s American distributor, ILIO, at booth #6724 in Hall A of the Anaheim Convention Center. What’s more, existing and prospective users will have a great opportunity to discuss personal solutions for their studio set-up and workflow during an additional clinic on January 24, 2017, 7 pm, at Westlake Pro in North Hollywood. Attendance is free of charge, registration is required at

About the Vienna Symphonic Library

The Vienna Symphonic Library is an innovative, research-driven music software and sample library developer based in Vienna, Austria. The team continually strives to improve virtual orchestral music production with a special emphasis on authenticity and ease-of-use.Vienna Instruments, the company’s multi-award-winning virtual instruments in the formats AU, VST, AAX Native, and RTAS, encompass an exhaustive range of solo instruments and ensembles, from their flagship Symphonic Cube to special instruments such as the Vienna Konzerthaus Organ, the Vienna Imperial grand piano, saxophones, upright bass, and even distorted guitar. Acclaimed software products include Vienna Instruments Pro, Vienna Ensemble Pro, Vienna MIR Pro and Vienna Suite Pro. Recently, the company launched an entirely new venture: Synchron Stage Vienna, a unique scoring stage in Austria’s capital that accommodates orchestras of up 130 musicians, merges proprietary software innovations and revolutionary approaches with traditional recording technologies and procedures.

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