VirSyn Debuts TERA 3 Synthesis Workstation

VirSyn''s TERA 3 is released and the shipment starts this week.

Many new features, including a multi sampling module, make TERA a highly comprehensive and versatile synthesis workstation. The new presets made by Howard Scarr demonstrate TERA's playability and responsiveness. The most notable new features include:

  • Multi sampling module opens the power of TERA's modules to sample files
  • 16 pole Terrain filter allows for complex filter morphs
  • Spectrum oscillator with stereo output and many additional features
  • Stereo routing allows for programming "Space" into your sounds before applying FX
  • Easy and flexible Arpeggiator at preset level

TERA 3 is available in these formats:

  • stand-alone version for WinXP und Mac OS X
  • VST 2 version for Win XP und Mac OS X
  • RTAS version for WinXP und Mac OS X
  • AudioUnit version for Mac OS X

For more information, visit their web site at