VirSyn Releases TERA 3.1.0 With Improvements And Bugfixes

VirSyn Has Released TERA 3.1.0 with some improvements and bugfixes.

What's new in TERA 3.1.0:

  • Quality setting for sampler module ( very fast standard / slow high quality )
  • Stereo sample files now possible
  • Enhanced randomizer function
  • Stereo phaser/flanger option
  • Polyphonic unison function with random sample variation
  • Fractal random presets for spectrum oscillator and custom oscillator
  • Improved step sequencer layout


  • Copy/Paste 8D settings doesn't work
  • 8D negative amounts doesn't work
  • Selection of multiple outputs was missing in plugin versions.
  • OS X: "Fly over" help now working
  • OS X: Help manual link was broken
  • OS X: Tempo setting in stand alone working now
  • OS X: GUI update in sequencer was not correct.
  • OS X: Clicks in global Chorus/Reverb
  • OS X: some menu redraw issues
  • FormanTERA: Filter cutoff amount doesn't work
  • Master level meter was not displayed
  • RTAS: List of MIDI inputs now complete
  • Sequencer: start/stop with space key working now
  • Sequencer: Arpeggio/Hold doesn't work
  • Sequencer: Selection of external MIDI out now disables internal sound
  • Sequencer: MIDI out channel was always channel 1
  • OS X: voice reduction not working properly leading to higher CPU load than necessary
  • Sample "HiKey": selectable range extended to G8

Updated Demo versions for Win/Mac are available here:

  • Stand-alone version for WinXP and Mac OS X
  • VST 2 version for Win XP and Mac OS X
  • RTAS version for WinXP and Mac OS X
  • AudioUnit version for Mac OS X

For more information, visit their web site at