Virtual Fader Master Released for Windows

L and L''s Software Delicatessen, a custom software house located in San Francisco, CA has just released the Virtual Fader Master. This is a MIDI Control Program inspired by the J.L. Cooper Fader Master.

Some of this programs features are:

  • 8 Faders and a unique X/Y grid controller which can be assigned to a wide variety of MIDI commands
  • GUI for configuring faders. No need to memorized MIDI command numbers and such
  • Numeric read out of all values
  • LED's indicate when MIDI commands are transmitted
  • 8 user defined presets for both faders and X/Y controller allowing instant store and recall of settings
  • MIDI Start/Stop for sequencer control
  • Reset button sends master reset and all notes off to all channels

For more information, visit their web site at