Virtual Organ Created with PreSonus ADL 600 and FP10

PreSonus user Brett Milan has just completed a virtual organ by recording organ samples from Notre Dame de Metz (France), using the PreSonus ADL 600 and the FP10.

Milan’s company, Milan Digital Audio primarily specializes in creating virtual pipe organs for the popular and specialized organ sampler, Hauptwerk. Milan’s recordings feature historic instruments from around the world. When creating this virtual organ, Milan recorded samples from every pipe of the French romantic pipe organ by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll located in Notre Dame de Metz including the natural acoustic surroundings.

Using long 8-10 second samples and large amounts of polyphony through RAM based sampling, results in the most realistic simulation of a pipe organ to date. In addition to both classical and theatre organs, Milan Digital Audio creates piano and harpsichord virtual instrument libraries.

Milan Digital Audio founder Brett Milan
"When recording a pipe organ, an engineer must be able to capture a wide frequency range from the low 32 foot pipes to the highest pitched mixtures," says Milan. "I've always preferred the sound of tubes, and the ADL 600 produced the warm, lush sound that I needed. I own several PreSonus products and have never been disappointed. The ADL 600 is no exception. Wherever Milan Digital Audio goes, the ADL goes!"

Watch and listen to the virtual organ here!

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