VSTunnel Plug-In Brings On-Line Collaboration to Sequencers

Start connecting several sequencers over the internet bringing musicians from all over the world to easily play their sessions together. No travelling. No studio bookings. All participants have the opportunity to create or join public and private sessions.

For those serious musicians out there who want their own selected members or want to bring their own band together, the VSTunnel private sessions are for you. In a private session no one can enter without knowing the session key (e.g. members of a band can meet in a closed session). You as the creator have the power to choose your session members.

The VSTunnel Plug-In is used like an insert effect in the sequencer's master out channel. When started, a wizard starts, which allows the user to start a session or to join another session. When users create their own session, they decide whether to make it public or private. When private, the creator can use their own method of distributing their session key, for example, email distribution. And of course, public sessions are for anybody and everybody. A list of all public sessions is offered to the user. It can be sorted by genre, speeding up the search for music of taste. By clicking on a session, it can be previewed. With another click, a session can be joined.

During a session the music played is analyzed by the VSTunnel Plug-In. Local changes are recognized, compressed and transmitted to the other session participants. In this instance the audio is mixed and sampled accurately into the audio out. So everbody hears a mix of their own work and the work of others. This mix can be adjusted by each participant. The volume of each "remote line" can be set (ie. muted, etc). Communication amongst users is done by the VSTunnel chat. However if you feel you are being disturbed by another user, you also have the option to disable their chat, blocking their sound and text messages.

Additionally, the audio quality can be set per participant. Download of remote audio and upload of their audio can be paused. Thus you can, for example, repeat a recording until you are satisfied with the result before transmitting it to the other participants. Currently all sequencers supporting Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OSX which offer a VST interface, are supported.

For more information, visit their web site at www.vstunnel.com.