Waldorf announces availability of Kyra VA synth module

The 128-voice, FPGA processing-powered synth is here!
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Waldorf’s new Kyra synth module is now available. The virtual analog instrument is multitimbral with eight independent parts, each of which can access two groups of oscillators and two sub oscillators, filters, modulation features (envelope generators, LFOs and a modulation matrix) and a multi-effects unit. 

Kyra can operate in two modes: in Wave mode, it works like a typical virtual analog synth, but in Hypersaw mode the two oscillator groups are replaced by a single sound source that can be adjusted with just two controls (Intensity and Spread).

Other features include an arpeggiator, an OLED display, four pairs of stereo audio outputs, MIDI IN/Out/Thru and USB 2.0 ports.

The Waldorf Kyra is available now for $2,299 exclusively through Sweetwater and can be ordered by visiting their website.