Waldorf Unveils Largo Soft Synth

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Waldorf Synthesizers GmbH in Germany introduces its Largo soft synth, featuring the company's virtual analog/wavetable synthesis engine housed in a graphic user interface that is designed to make programming sounds both easy and intuitive.

Offering a collection of classic Waldorf wavetables, multiple oscillators (including sub oscillators), dual multi-mode filters, a deep modulation matrix, onboard effects, and Waldorf's "clever" arpeggiator, Largo offers a wealth of timbral possibilities for computer-based musicians. Today's generation of synth programmers will appreciate both the enormous range of parameters and immediate access to all major functions, while old-school synthesists will feel right at home with the decidedly analog vibe of the parameter operation and interaction.

Nearly all of Largo's parameters can be automated via the host DAW software, and each patch can contain up to four layers, with each and every parameter—including effects and arpeggiation—independently programmable per layer.

Largo, which has a street price of less than $250, runs on Mac and PC and is designed for use with VST- and AU-compatible host DAWS. Largo is now available at authorized MV Pro Audio dealers in the U.S. and Canada. A listing of authorized North American Waldorf dealers can be found at MV Pro Audio's Website.

For more information, visit www.waldorfmusic.de/en/products/largo.