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Warner Music Group (WMG) is proud to introduce SINGLE NOTES, a new line of short form, digital-only books about music and pop culture. The new line will launch with five titles on the Rhino imprint will be released on June 12 and are available now for pre-order on the iBookstore and Amazon's Kindle store. A new ebook will be released every week following launch, each available as a digital download starting at $1.99.

The SINGLE NOTES launch titles from Rhino build on the catalog label’s award-winning reputation for insightful and entertaining liner notes and expands upon it by giving today’s top music scribes artistic license to explore just about any music or music-related topic that stokes their passions, be it a particular artist or an entire genre. Each SINGLE NOTES ebook includes newly designed cover art and also features links to purchase music specific to artists or genres covered in the book.

To mark the debut of SINGLE NOTES, Rhino will release five books on June 12 with subject matter ranging from Grateful Dead and Chic to Beastie Boys and Duran Duran. Rounding out the SINGLE NOTES available on launch is “My Life In The Ghost of Planets: The Story of a CBGB Almost-Was,” an enthralling tale of the most revered CBGBs act you’ve never heard of. The book, written by The Planets’ frontman Binky Philips, paints a picture of bad timing and missed opportunities in the ‘70s New York City rock scene is available now for a limited time as a free download on the iBookstore and Amazon’s Kindle store.

Following are overviews of all five SINGLE NOTES launch titles. For more information, please visit www.rhino.com/singlenotes.

“My Life In The Ghost of Planets: The Story of a CBGBAlmost-Was” by Binky Philips recounts his days of raucousfun and furious heartbreak as the guitarist/songwriter forThe Planets, the semi-legendary CBGB band.

“Every Day I Take A Wee: The Beastie Boys and the UntimelyDeath of Suburban Folklore” by Spin senior editor ChristopherR. Weingarten details how discovering the Beastie Boys at ageseven led to his lifelong fascination with the tales music fans passalong like a secret handshake.

“Dark Stars and Anti-Matter: 40 Years of Loving, Leaving andMaking Up with the Music of the Grateful Dead” by veteranmusic writer and radio show host Gene Sculatti. He looks back onhis time growing up, music-obsessed, in the Bay Area and how his love of the Grateful Dead waned with the dawn of the punk era only to be rekindled later in life. 

“Careless Memories of Strange Behavior: My Notorious Life as aDuran Duran Fan” by Yahoo! Music managing editor LyndseyParker reveals how the Nagel girl’s beguiling smile on the Rio coverled to the scary extremes of her extreme “Duranmania.”

“We Won’t Settle For Less: Chic at the End of Disco” bymagazine contributor and author Michaelangelo Matos exploresthe immeasurable influence exerted by the unstoppable bassfrom Chic’s 1979 chart-topping single “Good Times.”

SINGLE NOTES will begin its weekly release schedule June 19. Future stories will cover The Ramones’ collaboration with Phil Spector, the making of David Bowie’s Hunky Dory, as well as essays about Van Halen, Fleetwood Mac, Todd Rundgren, Nirvana, Rick James, and The Shangri-Las.