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Wasaphone Introduces 'Lo-Fi' Microphones

New Models Add Grit to Recordings
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Wasaphone is an innovative microphone company based in Bristol, England which focuses on the exploration of the sonic properties of everyday objects.

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The company's two flagship mics - the Wasaphone I and the Wasarocket are popular with musicians and studio professionals all about the place, due to their uncanny ability to dirty any live or studio setup faster, and more effectively than ever before.

Wasaphone I
It was a phone. Now, it's an evocative, multi-purpose microphone that will bring a slice of lo-fi grit to your recordings and live setup.

Each one is built by hand and although similar, each one is intrinsically unique. Reminiscent of carbon dust microphones featured in early 20th century recordings, the mic has an unmistakable tape-like warmth you won't find on any DAW plugin or filter.


Frequency Range: 200Hz - 2kHz

Type: Cardioid

Dimensions: 88mm x 62mm

This is a truly unique lo-fi microphone that will explode in your ears.

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Housed within a 30mm brass artillery shell, the Wasarocket has a metallic tone unlike anything else you have heard.


Frequency Range: 200Hz - 3kHz

Type: Cardioid

Dimensions: 170mm x 42mm

For further information and demos, please visit our website: www.wasaphone.com