WaveDNA Releases Liquid Rhythm 1.4.3

Now Fully Supported on OS X Yosemite
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WaveDNA Releases Liquid Rhythm 1.4.3 and

Showcases a Flying Drum Machine

New update features OS X Yosemite compatibility, a streamlined installation process, and compatibility with the latest airborne percussion generators

WaveDNA is proud to announce Liquid Rhythm v1.4.3, which introduces a number of improvements and fixes. Most notably, Liquid Rhythm is now fully supported on OS X Yosemite, and features a snazzy new single-click installer. With these improvements, WaveDNA brings you the most intuitive, imaginative, and effortless workflow possible, further establishing Liquid Rhythm as the premier beat creation software

Additionally, WaveDNA showcased Liquid Rhythm alongside a flying drum machine, pushing the boundaries of both beat production and gravity. In a video posted to YouTube, the mad scientists at WaveDNA demonstrated a touch-sensitive flying quadcopter powered by the Linux driven robot operating system (ROS). The quadcopter wirelessly translated and transmitted MIDI information to a computer running Liquid Rhythm, Ableton Live Suite, and Max for Live—thereby sculpting a beat with attitude and altitude.

Click here to watch the video

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Liquid Rhythm is the most powerful beat-creation software known to man. Driven by WaveDNA’s intuitive and powerful Music Molecule technology, Liquid Rhythm lets you create intricate, interesting beats with unprecedented speed and precision. It’s the first sequencer that lets you make beats using note clusters and patterns instead of individual notes. And it completely streamlines your workflow. Whether you use a Mac or PC, Ableton Live or other DAWs, Liquid Rhythm will help you realize your music’s full potential.

  • Visualize music in a whole new way with the intuitive Music Molecule
  • Get started using the built-in sample library, trigger your virtual instruments, and experiment with new rhythmic patterns
  • Develop complex, unique beats in seconds using the world’s largest library of rhythmic patterns
  • Tweak and customize beats in real-time with a host of powerful editing tools
  • Use Liquid Rhythm standalone, with your DAW, or fully integrated with Ableton Live via the Max for Live bridge

Liquid Rhythm v1.4.3 is available today at wavedna.com.

Download a free 30-day trial of Liquid Rhythm at wavedna.com/liquid-rhythm-download-trial

About WaveDNA
WaveDNA is a Toronto-based music software development company focused on designing and building the next generation of innovative virtual instruments. Founded in 2010 by CEO Douglas Mummenhoff and Vice President/Lead Inventor David Beckford, the company creates virtual instruments that dramatically streamline the composition process for songwriters, producers, and composers.