Waves Announces Center Processor

Center is a new processor that separates phantom Center audio from side content.
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Waves Audio has announced Center ($400 Native, $800 TDM), a new processor that separates phantom Center audio from side (L/R panned) content. Appropriate for final mixes and mastering, it lets you zero in on the phantom Center and bring out or bring down the vocals without affecting everything else. The processor also allows you to reposition, isolate, eliminate certain elements of a mix.

Center's adjustable punch, high frequency, and low frequency controls let you enhance your work within a wide range of audio applications. According to the manufacturer, post-production engineers can, for example, use Center to enhance dialog or narration, control the ambience/reverb of stereo location recordings, and improve mono compatibility. Mixing and mastering engineers, on the other hand, can re-image stereo drum overheads, bring out the lead vocals in a finished mix, balance stereo recordings of individual groups of acoustic instruments, widen or narrow the stereo spread, and more.

Waves Mercury and Waves Diamond users who are covered by the Waves Update Plan may receive Center at no additional charge. To learn more, please visit waves.com.