Waves Announces Dorrough Meter Collection

The Waves Dorrough Meter Collection is a set of modeled hardware meters.

Waves Audio has announced the Waves Dorrough Meter Collection, a set of modeled hardware meters developed in association with Dorrough Electronics, Inc. According to the manufacturer, these models of classic Dorrough Meters offer the same readability, musicality, and accuracy of the original units.

Waves Dorrough Meters display both average and peak levels in a single readout, allowing you to see the actual density of the sound. The meter collection features fast peak response; left/right phase correlation; the display number of "overs"; three selectable styles: horizontal (280-D/240-D), vertical (380-D/340-D), and arc (40AES/EBU); three selectable sizes: extra large, large, and small; easy switch between display sizes and styles; 40 dB scale in 1dB steps; and mono and stereo components.

For more information, visit waves.com.