Waves Audio Introduces Element 2.0 Virtual Analog Synth

Element 2.0 is a VST that Will Help Close the Sound Gap Between Analog and Digital Synthesizers
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Waves Audio  introduces the Element 2.0 Virtual Analog Synth. Powered by Virtual Voltage technology, Element 2.0 is an updated version to the original Waves Element, an analog-style polyphonic instrument engineered to deliver the fat, gritty sound of the classics, with all the precision, flexibility and control of contemporary digital synths.

Element includes a vast array of convenient features and functions, including integrated effects, a 16-step arpeggiator/sequencer, MIDI Learn for all controls and a massive preset library with total tweakability. Plus, all parameters are laid out right there in front of you, so when inspiration strikes, there’s no need to scroll through page after page to customize your sounds. Searing leads, booming basses, ethereal pads, electro-percussion, sequential motions, mind-blowing FX and lots more: Element does it all.

The updated Element 2.0 is a VST that will help close the sound gap between Analog and Digital synthesizers. It includes Waves’ 2nd generation “Virtual Voltage” technology that provides users with an unprecedented realism in emulating analog component behavior:

  • High-resolution oscillators – uncompromising fidelity across the full range.
  • Zero delay feedback filters – faithfully replicating analogue filters behavior and character.
  • Vastly improved anti-aliasing – free of digital artifacts even at extreme settings.
  • Updated envelope behavior – closely mimicking the curve response of analogue components.

Element 2.0 will also run side by side with the original Element synth, so users will be able to flip back and forth between the two at the touch of a button. This feature will mean that all presets from Element will also work in Element 2.0.

Additional features include a new “Unison” algorithm with selectable 2- and 4-voice modes, re-designed high quality Reverb and a new Crusher effect.