Waves Audio Unveils the OneKnob Pumper Plugin

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Waves Audio Unveils the OneKnob Pumper Plugin

Waves Audio announces the new Pumper plugin, the newest addition to the successful Waves OneKnob Series. Designed for achieving an instant ducking effect, OneKnob Pumper simulates sidechain compression, saving users the need to route the kick track to the sidechain input of a compressor. This extremely handy and easy-to-use plugin is ideal for making either an entire mix or individual tracks pump with the beat. This effect is widely used in modern dance music—for example, to make space for four-on-the-floor kicks—and is considered an essential component of EDM production. This great-sounding plugin features the best of Waves’ award-winning audio processors, coupled with the simplest, most intuitive interface ever.

In the control room, in the DJ booth, or when mixing a live show, OneKnob plugins are just what users need when they don’t feel like tweaking loads of parameters. The simplicity of OneKnob enables them to stay focused on the music and simply dial up some great-sounding effects. Mixing has never been this fast—or this much fun.

Waves OneKnob Pumper is Native only (U.S. MSRP Native $80) and is being given away for free during Waves’ Black Friday sale. It is also part of the Waves OneKnob Series, covered under the Waves Update Plan.

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For more information, please visit: http://www.waves.com/plugins/oneknob-pumper.