Waves H-Reverb

An intelligently designed reverb that believes in convolution and algorithms
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The market is flooded with reverb plug-ins, so the only way to break though the clutter is to create a product that’s both original and sounds great. Waves has done just that with H-Reverb. H stands for hybrid, which refers to its mash-up of convolution and algorithmic processing, using Finite Impulse Response technology, or FIR.

The plug-in gives you detailed control over its abundant processing, including the choice of 10 early-reflection algorithms, the ability to add echo taps to the signal, and control over the decay envelope, LFO, and overdrive features. H-Reverb can be configured for stereo or surround and also includes a Dynamics section that lets you compress the reverberated signal.

If you’re one of those users who likes to get in and tinker, H-Reverb will feel like a sonic playground. Even if you’re not, you get lots of cool presets and everything sounds great. Now that fits our definition of an award-winning reverb.