Waves Nx Virtual Mix Room

Headphone mixing in multiple dimensions
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Waves Nx is an innovative plug-in that offers a significant improvement to the experience of mixing on headphones. The technology in Nx creates a 3D effect in your cans that accurately simulates the listening experience of using speakers in a well-treated mix room. The frequency response is determined by the quality of your headphones, while Nx adds the virtual space.

Nx comes with an accompanying application called HeadTracker, which tracks your head movement (using your computer’s webcam or the optional Waves Head Tracker hardware) and adjusts the sound accordingly. You can move the speakers around in the virtual room, adjust room reflections, and designate a virtual sweet spot. Amazingly, Nx can also create a credible 5.0 or 5.1 surround sound emulation in your stereo headphones. It’s incredibly inexpensive—less than $100—considering its power. We gave Nx an award not only because this technology is groundbreaking but because it solves a real-world problem very effectively.