Web Clips for January 2005

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LFX-1310 1.0.2
Web Clip 1:
Eight Luxonix factory effects presets were used to process different sections of this short audio clip.

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Web Clip 1:
A simple drum loop, synth bass, keyboards, and guitar arrangement recorded in Tracktion using the XD-2''s built-in compression and the included Warmer Phaser plug-in on the guitar part.

Web Clip 2:
The same loop processed through the XD-2''s compression, gating, and EQ controls.

Guitar Rig 1.1
All examples were recorded using an ESP 400 series strat-style guitar with Fender Lace Sensor pickups, direct into MOTU's Digital Performer, running on a dual G5/2 GHz Mac through a MOTU 828mkII interface.

Web Clip 1:
This example was recorded with a Guitar Rig preset that features the Instant Gratifier amp model, which emulates Mesa/Boogie sounds.

Web Clip 2:
Both guitars in this example are recorded with presets using the Fender-like Twang Reverb model. The rhythm uses a clean sound and the lead has a hint of the Skreamer pedal, which is modeled from the Ibanez Tube Screamer.

Web Clip 3:
This clip features a preset called Dark Horse Vox, which uses the AC Box model. This preset, along with many others is available for download to registered Guitar Rig owners from the Native Instruments site (www.native-instruments.com).

Web Clip 4:
In this example, you hear the stereo Leslie effect of the Rotator component, one of the many modulation effects available in Guitar Rig.

Web Clip 1:
This example uses the Octavox to process a vocal sample. Note that the formants are shifted along with the other frequencies.

Web Clip 2:
In this example, a guitar sample is pitch-shifted up an octave and a fifth.

Web Clip 3:
This example uses the Octavox on a snare-drum sample

Poly Evolver

Web Clip 1:
Many of the Poly Evolver''s factory presets sound so big that they might be more appropriate for building a song around rather than for adding to existing tracks.

Web Clip 2:
The variety of classic and fresh timbres that the Poly Evolver can produce is astonishing, thanks to its combination of digital and analog oscillators and filters.


Web Clip 1:
The Blacet analog modular synth, with a repeating patch, before processing through the Metasonix TM-1 Agonizer.

Web Clip 2:
The same patch through the Agonizer, with Strangle and Grind set at 3 o'clock, and an LFO driving the Pound circuit (control set at 1 o'clock).

Web Clip 3:
The same patch at a slower tempo, with a more extreme setting on the Agonizer.