Web Clips for October 2006

Hear audio clip examples of Devine Machine Minion 1.1 multi-effects plug-in, midi clip samples of six virtual pianos, audio clip samples of pitch-shifting from Sound Design Workshop, a recording of a Native Instruments Kore 1.0.2 Performance composed of four KoreSounds and more from the pages of Electronic Musician's October 2006 issue.

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Divine Machine Minion 1.1 (Mac/Win) p30
Web Clip 1
This clip alternates an unprocessed drum loop with processing by several Minion presets.

Software Eighty Eights p48
Web Clip 1:
The MIDI clip sequence played on the Synthogy Ivory Yamaha.
Web Clip 2:
The MIDI clip sequence played on the Synthogy Ivory Steinway.
Web Clip 3:
The MIDI clip sequence played on the Synthogy Ivory Bosendorfer.
Web Clip 4:
The MIDI clip sequence played on the Art Vista Virtual Grand
Web Clip 5:
The MIDI clip sequence played on the EastWest Bosendorfer 290.
Web Clip 6:
The MIDI clip sequence played on the Steinberg The Grand 2 Model
Web Clip 7:
The MIDI clip sequence played on the Best Service Galaxy Steinway 5.1.
Web Clip 8:
The MIDI clip sequence played on the Native Instruments Akoustik Bosendorfer.
Web Clip 9:
The MIDI clip sequence played on the Native Instruments Akoustik Steinway.
Web Clip 10:
The MIDI clip sequence played on the Native Instruments Akoustik Bechstein.
Web Clip 11:
The MIDI clip sequence played on the Native Instruments Akoustik Steingraeber und Soehne Vintage Upright 130.

Sound Design Workshop
Shifting Timbres
Web Clip 1:
The first part of a J.S. Bach three-part Invention is played using four pitch-shifted versions of Dimension Pro's factory "Grand Piano 1v 4th" preset.
Web Clip 2:
This archive contains a selection of presets and Elements illustrating the pitch-shifting techniques discussed in the article.
Web Clip 3:
A famous bass line is realized using four subtly pitch-shifted acoustic bass Elements.
Web Clip 4:
The bass line from Web Clip 3 is used to illustrate a pitch shifted oscillator-hard-sync synth patch.

Native Instruments
Kore 1.0.2
(Mac/Win) p92
Web Clip 1:
This clip is a recording of a Kore Performance composed of four KoreSounds. Everything is driven by the KoreSounds' MIDI-file players and automatic preset switching.

IK Multimedia US LLC
Amplitube 2.01
Web Clip 1:
This clip consists of the same riff performed twice. It is first played through the THD Electronics BiValve amplifier followed by the Amplitube 2 model of the THD BiValve. I played my custom Tornado from Koll Guitars directly into the BiValve's Less (low gain) input, and I took the line out of the BiValve through my Fireface 800 into Amplitube 2's 2x12 Closed Vintage Cabinet simulation to eliminate differences in speaker cabinets. It is next played through an Amplitube 2 BiValve simulation. I played my Koll into an OSA MP1-C DI into the Amplitube 2 BiValve and Closed Vintage Cabinet simulation. Evidence Audio cable was used in both performances.

FXpansion Guru p110
Web Clip 1:
This is a funk-style groove created with a variety of third-party loops. Guru automatically slices and loads each loop into an engine, and each pattern has eight engines. As each engine unmutes, another engine is engaged to play a new element.

TM-6 Vacuum Tube Multimode Filter
Web Clip 1:
To get a peeky wah-wah effect, I ran my Fender Stratocaster through a distortion pedal before plugging into the TM-6. A Moog Expression Pedal is plugged into the Tune CV input. The resonance control is set so that it goes into oscillation when the expression pedal is pressed fully forward.
Web Clip 2:
In this patch, a Doepfer envelope follower is used to extract a two-stage envelope from a drum machine. The envelope is used to control the Filter Tune CV input of the Metasonix TM-6, as the filter is processing the drum machine itself. The filter resonance is set to the point just before it begins to self-oscillate, resulting in additional pings and sweeps in the rhythm.

(Mac/Win) p122
Web Clip 1:
A wide range of EZdrummer beats, from the simple to the complex. The grooves intentionally demonstrate all the drums in the kit: snare, bass drum, hi-hats, cymbals, and three different toms. In this case, a 22" GMS bass drum with Felt beater; a 14" Rogers snare; 12", 14", and 16" GMS toms; 14" Zildjian HHX Manhattan hi-hats; 19" Sabian AA Medium Thin and 18" Sabian HHX Evolution crash cymbals; and a 21" Sabian Handhammered Vintage ride.
Web Clip 2:
Here what EZdrummer can do in 6/8, again featuring a variety of styles and feels, but using the same kit.
Web Clip 3:
A sampling of funk grooves at 115 bpm, highlighting up-front snare work, using the same drums and cymbals.

UFO 1.0
(Win) p122
Web Clip 1:
This evolving ambience layers four UFO presets, each of which features UFO's signature Mod Wheel vector-morphing scheme.