Web Exclusive: Little Dragon’s Recording Gear

Studio Picks Used on the 'Nabuma Rubberband' Sessions
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The July issue of Electronic Musician profiled Little Dragon’s Nabuma Rubberband studio sessions. Below, the band shares their favorite recording gear used on the record, along with a few pieces used in their live show. To read the complete feature, click HERE.


Sound cards:
RME Multiface II
Apogee Quartet
Lynx Aurora

Vocal microphones:
Neuman U87
Rode NTK

Lunchbox with Burl Audio B1 Mic Pre and Neve 1073LB and Retro Instruments Doublewide tube compressor

Akai S612
Ensoniq ESQ-1
Nord Wave
Rodec Restyler
Sequential circuits Pro One (on loan)
Studio Electronics SE-1X
Waldorf Pulse 1
Waldorf Microwave XT
Korg Monotron
Korg Lambda
Roland D-50
Roland Fantom-XR
Roland JX-8P
Yamaha home organ
Yamaha Motif XF6
Yamaha TG77
Yamaha TG55
Yamaha VL7
Yamaha SY22
Yamaha CS15
Yamaha FS1R
Yamaha A5000
Yamaha CP30

Cubase 5 or 6
Some UAD plugins, i.e. Lexicon 224

Live show:

Tama Imperialstar drum kit
Roland SPD-SX with triggers on kick & snare
Nord Wave
Yamaha Motif XF6
Eurorack modular system with delays and reverbs
Industrial Radio MIDI bass