Welcome to EM 5.0

Electronic Musician has grown a lot since it evolved from Polyphony 22 years ago, and as the fifth man in the hot seat, I have plans to take it to greater

Electronic Musician has grown a lot since it evolved from Polyphony 22 years ago, and as the fifth man in the hot seat, I have plans to take it to greater heights without losing sight of its DIY music-production roots. But before I share my editorial vision, I want to tell you what's in store in the near future.

These are exciting times in the publishing world, where magazines are evolving from being purely print-based into a format that takes full advantage of the Web's potential. EM has already begun the transition, and the best is yet to come.

Starting this month, several of our articles will include streaming video in addition to audio Web Clips. That will let you see, as well as hear, our editors demonstrating features and explaining concepts. Our goal is to combine deep technical content in an easy-to-read print format with rich-media editorial online (see the Web Clips in this month's “Bizarre Hardware”). Still, this is only the beginning.

To further bridge the gap between software and treeware, we now offer a digital edition of EM, which is delivered each month by email. Using technology by Texterity (www.texterity.com), our digital edition is identical to the print version, but with active links throughout.

Other changes are in the works at www.emusician.com. For example, daily updates give you the latest product news. If you want more, check out eMusician Xtra, our twice-weekly e-newsletter by Group Editorial Assistant Tracy Katz, which provides additional product coverage along with events, contests, and reviews of our readers' music.

In the coming months, our expanded Web coverage will also include reports from festivals, conferences, and other events that we don't normally have space for in print. There are plans for events of our own, as well as participation in Remix Hotel (www.remixhotel.com). And as Editor in Chief Steve Oppenheimer hinted at last month, there is much more to come from EM.

Running a successful magazine takes teamwork, and our crew is the best in the industry. Each editor has decades of experience and is putting it to good use during EM's transition. Senior Editor Mike Levine not only created “EM Cast,” our biweekly Podcast, but is spearheading other online projects. Associate Editor Geary Yelton, who has written for EM since its first issue in 1985 (covering the Fender Chroma-Polaris!), now runs the review section, while Associate Editor Len Sasso takes over “What's New” and continues to produce “Sound Design Workshop” and “Making Tracks.” Associate Editor Dennis Miller, our specialist in audio for picture and Windows, coordinates “Square One.” And Copy Chief Marla Miyashiro makes sure the information you read is presented clearly and concisely.

Just as important is our partnership with you, the person for whom this magazine exists. But your contribution extends beyond the purchase of an issue — we want to hear from you, whether by email, snail mail, MySpace messages, or blog comments. Your feedback not only helps us determine the topics we'll cover, but also keeps us abreast of trends the industry might not be addressing. Tell us how we're doing, share some anecdotes or your music with us, or just say hello. EM's goal is to help musicians everywhere get the most out of technology, and the best way to do that is as a team.

Talk to you soon!