WickieMedia Presents 'A Million Samples' Documentary and Sample Library.

Sampling and the History of Samplers
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WickieMedia presents “A Million Samples” documentary and sample library.

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After producing 3 seasons of high quality audio engineering tutorials WickieMedia has launched a crowd-funding campaign for ‘A Million Samples’, a full length documentary about sampling and the history of samplers. Produced together with “Deeper Drums”, an exclusive royalty-free drum sample library, this documentary will give a complete insight on ‘sampling culture’ and answers many questions about sampling.

Interviews and video material will be accompanied with high-end animations, making this a very unique and educative documentary. The documentary will be all about (vintage) samplers and the impact of samplers on the music industry.
“We’ll go over a timeline of some of the most influential samplers and learn why many producers are still attracted to the sound of these vintage samplers” says Wick van den Belt, founder of WickieMedia. “Also we’re answering the question why these samplers have this certain sound”.

“Samplers have had such a revolutionary impact on music productions and they have completely changed the way that the majority of music is created over the last decades. There’s actually a lot of interesting information behind them.” Wick says.

WickieMedia is also partnering up with WhoSampled, provider of the largest database of sampled music. "They’re such an awesome resource, it’s great to have them on board!"

Sample library.
The sample library “Deeper Drums” will be recorded with high-end recording equipment and will feature several world-famous drummers including Ton Dijkman and Erwin Gielen. Also Gipsy Kings drummer Quentin Boursy has shown interest in participating in this project.

A unique feature of the sample library is that a portion of the sounds will be pressed to vinyl and re-sampled with several vintage hardware samplers. This will give a highly looked-for sound and thus making this a versatile sample library.

A full behind-the-scenes video shows the complete process of making the sample library including the recording, editing and mixing sessions. This will be a unique look inside the kitchen during the production process of a sample library.

WickieMedia is raising funds to realise this project, and you can get a 50% discount on the full sample library whilst supporting this project at the same time.

You can find all information about the project on the indiegogo campaign page: http://igg.me/at/amillionsamples and on the projects website : http://amillionsamples.wickiemedia.net