Win Tascam Gear in the Tascam Forum Song Contest

Enter for a chance to win a 2488 Digital Portastudio & a VL-S21 Studio Monitor System or a DP

Sponsored by the TASCAM Forums (not affiliated with TASCAM or TEAC America), the Song Contest is a call to all amateur songwriters to submit their best material for a chance to win one of several prizes: a 2488 Digital Portastudio plus a VL-S21 Studio Monitor System or a DP-01FX Digital Portastudio--all contributed by TASCAM.

Entrants must be a registered forum user (register anytime before entering contest), and are asked to submit an MP3 of an original piece of work and a photo of them in their studio. Submission deadline is May 29, 2005. All finalists will be judged by TASCAM forum moderators and music industry professionals. Winners will be announced on the TASCAM Forum website on midnight May 31st, 2005.

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