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Audio-Technica's newly upgraded 3000 Series Frequency-Agile True-Diversity UHF wireless systems now offer up to 1,001 selectable UHF frequencies and new features for clear sound
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Audio-Technica 3000 Series Frequency-Agile Wireless
Audio-Technica's newly upgraded 3000 Series Frequency-Agile True-Diversity UHF wireless systems now offer up to 1,001 selectable UHF frequencies and new features for clear sound and intuitive operation, including antenna power, backlit LCDs on transmitters and pre-coordinated frequency scan groups that simplify selection of usable frequencies in a multichannel wireless system.
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Galaxy Audio Any Spot Wireless Mics
Galaxy Audio introduces the PSE Series, TRC Series and the DHT Series wireless mics. The PSE has 16 selectable UHF channels, whereas the TRC and DHT offer 120 selectable channels. Features include backlit LCD with channel display on transmitters and receivers. All receivers have XLR and 1/4-inch outputs and squelch adjustment. Each handheld transmitter features a gain control, and bodypacks have a 0/-10/mic selector switch. Wireless transmitters can be mixed to work with different rackmount receivers. This allows the user to pick the features desired of each component. The HH64 and HH76 both have the option of a changeable microphone element head from cardioid to supercardioid.
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Lectrosonics SMV, SMQV
The new SMV and SMQV "super-mini" digital hybrid wireless beltpack transmitters include variable RF power: 50- and 100 mW for the single AA battery SMV, and 50, 100 and 250 mW for the dual-AA battery SMQV. The transmitters are splash-proof, have removable antennas and are milled from solid aluminum for extreme durability.
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Nady Systems MGT-16
A 16-channel, ultracompact UHF wireless system for guitar and bass. It features miniature transmitter that plugs into intrument, and small pedal-style frequency selectable PLL receiver with ASC™ infrared channel sync for instant setup.
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Samson AirLine Micro Wireless Earset System
AirLine Micro Wireless Earset System, our smallest wireless system ever, uses the latest in lithium-ion battery technology and couples it with small, high-quality audio components. To eliminate the constant need for conventional battery replacement, Samson has designed this UHF wireless system to be fully rechargeable, supplying lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and USB DC power inputs for both the AH2 earset transmitter and AR2 receiver. A handy docking/charging station for the receiver also provides a 3.5mm balanced audio output. The AH2 is a single-earset transmitter for complete freedom and uninhibited movement. The transmitter features an omnidirectional microphone to ensure a user''s voice is picked up and amplified even during periods of high-energy movement. Like the AH2 transmitter, the AR2 receiver employs modest size, inconspicuous appearance and a rechargeable battery that will offer about seven hours of operation.
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Shure PSM900 Wireless Personal Monitor System
The groundbreaking new PSM900 wireless personal monitor system features robust RF performance; highly efficient 36MHz tuning bandwidth with optimized frequency ranges allows more channels on-air; precision front-end RF filtering significantly reduces RF interference for a cleaner, stronger RF signal, fewer dropouts and less audible artifacts; up to 20 compatible frequencies per frequency range for up to 20 different mixes; up to 1,440 user-selectable frequencies; unprecedented audio quality with patented Audio Reference Companding; scan and sync for simplified setup with no need for additional accessories; MixMode Technology to balance the level of two separate channels while simultaneously listening to both signals in both ears; Cue mode allows storing and monitoring of up to 20 different stage mixes on one bodypack for quick and easy reference; low-profile, all-metal bodypack is the thinnest available; and LCD menu with grouped menu items for easier user interface.
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Sony Digital Wireless Microphone System
Designed to provide performing artists with warm, vibrant and distinctive vocal delivery, Sony's new Digital Wireless Microphone System DWM-01 provides robust acoustic feedback protection, as well as switchable RF output levels. The mic also features a concealed, organic EL display to illustrate channel, gain and other parameters. The DWM-01 delivers high-quality, low-latency sound using an original Sony codec. Its unique design allows the A/D audio conversion to follow the transmitter's head amplifier, maintaining digital audio signal throughout the performance. Two versions of this handheld mic will be offered, providing dynamic or condenser mic capsules. The DWR-RO1D dual-channel wireless receiver is a 1U-size, 2-channel rackmount receiver for studio and live concert use. It features analog and AES/EBU digital outputs, with a remote-control function from the receiver to the transmitter.
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