Wizdom Music/moForte GeoShred

Get monster guitar sounds from your iOS device
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When it comes to emulating strings, physical modeling is hard to beat. But to get the most out of a virtual instrument, you need an interface that takes full advantage of everything PM has to offer. That’s what makes GeoShred so exciting.

The result of a collaboration between Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess and developer moForte, GeoShred fully exploits your iOS device’s multitouch capabilities to provide an intuitive instrument that it easy for beginners to play while giving experienced players something they can, well, shred on. Pick a performance mode: Guitar, which is fretted; Slide, for a fretless experience; or Piano. Then, specify the tuning you want—with or without pitch quantization. GeoShred comes with a cache of virtual amps and effects, and an arpeggiator is also onboard.

Once you get the hang of playing it, you’ll be adding vibrato, harmonics, and feedback like a pro. GeoShred’s high level of expressivity takes this app to 11.