Working Americans With Rock Star Dreams

Listen close, and you'll hear it... A country singer working a 9-to-5 job while paying his musical dues on the weekend... The college student from Seattle dreaming of a pop star's life... That garage band performing next door or across the ocean -- a group that could very well be the next great band to come along and revolutionize Rock & Roll...

A musical groundswell from all across the world is empowering and inspiring musical artists of all ages, genres and career goals to reach their music dreams. Introducing Noisy Planet, the new music community for musicians in any genre and skill level. Noisy Planet exists to help bridge the gap between music artists, distribution and the fans -- a gap experienced firsthand by the company founder.

Kevin Petersen, President of Noisy Planet, started the company after frustration inspired him to create a solution.

"Noisy Planet was born out of my own needs as a music artist," he says. "I told my wife that I wished there was a one-stop place where I could put down a little money, and have them post the music and photos, and handle the sales."

Unlike many of Noisy Planet's competitors, Petersen began the company with the desire to make the portal all-inclusive of music artists regardless of their genre or professional level.

"Noisy Planet doesn't exist to judge the music, but to help you find a market and reach listeners," Petersen says.

Everyday working people from all walks of life -- including an artist, photographer and band teacher, now have a way to offer their music for sale and reach out to fans. Noisy Planet stands up for these music artists of all levels to make posting and selling your music online easy, quick and affordable. Noisy Planet can even transform your old vinyl records and cassette tapes into cutting edge MP3 format music files.

For more information about Noisy Planet, visit, or call Kevin Petersen at 877-828-3886.

Enjoy our planet! You set the trends.