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Worriedaboutsatan, Arrivals (Gizeh)

Worriedaboutsatan's tranquil, lush Arrivals is presented like a rewardingly well-crafted DJ mix.
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But no worries elsewhere
Worriedaboutsatan''s tranquil, lush Arrivals is presented like a rewardingly well-crafted DJ mix, where bowed guitar meets fraying sound collages and delicate percussive beds. Leeds, UK musicians Gavin Miller and Tom Ragsdale slip each wordless composition into its successive counterpart, and their work is disorienting through its final few seconds—micro beats, intricate raindrop-synth tones and a mesh of live and electronic textures comprise a meticulously organized outing from this little-known pair.

Arrivals calls for patience. Not unlike the gradual evolution that characterizes Four Tet''s Ringer, worriedaboutsatan''s productions are slow burners; copious add-ons grace the mix as each track settles into place. Nods to ambient film scoring materialize in languid washes on Arrivals, while post-rock and minimal techno also frequently bubble to the surface. Album opener “One Down” is short and stunning. Its stifling chords are stirred by a curt bass sequence and empty factory clatter, which permeate the next track—a quicker, dub-tinged arrangement that gathers more weight by the minute. It''s easy for home listening at this pace to near tedium in such lengthy servings; Miller and Ragsdale sidestep that challenge with great flair. [4.5 out of 5 stars]