XILS-lab Announces BBD Chorus Effects Plug-in and x64 Soft Synth Updates

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Music software company XILS-lab is proud to announce availability of its second effects plug-in as of March 27, 2012, as well as availability of all its soft synth plug-ins (XILS 3, PolyKB II, and Synthix) as 64-bit- compatible products...

Available in 64- and 32-bit versions, the Chor’X Bucket Brigade Delay Chorus is a Mac-compatible (OS X 10.5 and later; Audio Unit, VST, RTAS — Pro Tools 7.0 and later) and PC-compatible (Windows XP, Vista, and 7; VST, RTAS — Pro Tools 7.0 and later) spacializer chorus, combining three types of vintage chorus effects, each based on Bucket-Brigade Delay (BBD) emulations, together with a sophisticated true stereo dynamic spatializer.

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Having analysed what makes them sound so unique, Chor’X provides three standard chorus structures (selected using the TYPE SY, TYPE DI, and TYPE CS ‘buttons’) — all meticulously modelled on various vintage chorus units: TYPE SY is based on two BBDs and two LFOs per channel, several filters, and an amplifier-based compander — compression-plus-expander — emulation; TYPE DI is based on one BBD per channel and only one LFO — dispatched in inverted phase to the left and right channels, plus several filters and a chip-based campander emulation; and TYPE CS is based on one BBD and two LFOs per channel, plus several filters, but no compander (though the left and right channels are also dependant on the LFOs). Each of these chorus structures feature special filters and compander emulations to come closer than ever to the original analogue chorus units being modelled.

Chor’X delivers up to four Bucket-Brigade Delay emulations, modulated in frequency and range. Eight associated parameters can easily be tweaked via an advanced 2-D pad displaying four lights; moving a light around in the 2-D pad modulates the corresponding delay in frequency and amount according to its position. And that’s not all: these lights can be made to move chaotically to produce an always-evolving chorus — kiss goodbye to static-looping-type effects!

Chor’X also offers powerful stereo processing via its True Stereo Dynamic Engine, allowing audio signals to be positioned in a true stereo space in an easy, intuitive fashion: MIC ANGLE sets the position of the microphones; WIDTH increases or decreases the width of the stereo space; and moving the associated lights around another 2-D pad perfects positioning of the sound. Chaotic movement can also be added to the stereo position of the wet signal.

As is always the case with XILS-lab products, Chor'X is packed full of useful musical features: a special Dry tool preserves transients — treating percussive material while only adding chorus to the tail end of a sound, for example; AMOUNT follows audio content to correspondingly increase the level of effect; and HISS increases the non-linearities of the BBD.

Chor’X is available — together with newly-released 64-bit versions of XILS-lab’s soft synth plug-ins (XILS 3, PolyKB II, and Synthix) — from the appropriate XILS-lab online Store (http://www.xils-lab.com/products/Chor%27X.html) for the special launch price of €39 EURO — rising to €59 EURO after April 30. (Note: this is a serial number-authorised product — no hardware dongle or challenge/response system required.)

Listen to examples of Chor’X here: http://www.xils-lab.com/pages/ChorX_Audio.html

Watch Chor’X in action here: http://www.xils-lab.com/pages/ChorX_Videos.html