XO Audio Announces Songs 4 Bugs Program

XO Audio, maker of XO Wave digital audio software, today announced a Songs 4 Bugs program. This program rewards users who find bugs in XO Wave by giving submitters of eligible bug reports a thank-you gift of $10 at Apples iTunes Music Store.

By filling out a simple form online (at www.xowave.com/songs4bugs/), XO Wave users who provide information about a new and significant bug in XO Wave are eligible to receive the iTunes coupon. More information about the program can be found at www.xowave.com/songs4bugs.shtml.

"Users like getting free songs, and we like getting complete bug reports," says company founder Bjorn Roche. "We have found that feedback from our users has helped us make a better product, but users don't always provide all the information we need. After taking some inspiration from Mozilla's Bug Bounty program, we decided to offer our users something they would want—free iTunes songs—in exchange for useful bug reports." Roche hopes that the thank-you program will help make XO Wave better: "By letting anyone download and try out our software, we've already gotten a lot of helpful feedback. Our Songs 4 Bugs program is one way of encouraging more users to participate in that dialog."

XO Audio is currently offering the iTunes gift certificates as a pilot program, but if Songs 4 Bugs is successful, Roche thinks the company might keep it up: "If it works out well, there probably won't be any reason to stop."

XO Wave is a digital audio software package for Mac OS X and Linux designed for mastering CDs, creating podcasts, recording and mastering music, editing sound for film and more. Though XO Wave is still in beta, it is available from www.xowave.com as a freeware download, or a $75 shareware package with extra features.

XO Audio, LLC is an Atlanta-based company whose mission is to provide high-quality, inexpensive software for creating audio content. More information is available at the company's website at www.xoaudio.com.