We had an issue a few years ago. Believe it was called the LIGHTS, CAMERA, AUDIO! issue. The schema then seemed to be to chat about A/V products and gear and so forth and so on. It was a great idea. Great mag. And a great take on the functional end of the operation. So, perfect, right?
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Not so perfect though: It was greeted with a colossal collective yawn. A yawn so stunning that the after effects have spanned the ages. And so when after an evening of copious absinthe consumption and the germination of an idea that we should do ANOTHER one, EQ’s eminence grise, none other than Craig Anderton , like the guy in the horror flick who says, “Don’t leave the spaceship in the name of God!!!,” torpedoed it. “It didn’t work before, it won’t work again. And in the name of God don’t leave the spaceship!!! I mean unless you really want to. In fact, fine. Go ahead. Leave the spaceship. See if I care. You never listen to ME anyway. So forget about me. I’ll just sit like a dog in the dark eating wet cigarettes for all YOU all care.”

But that was then and this is now. We asked you all, all of you all who over time have written to correct my spelling, grammar, usage, tone, timbre, and wearing of blue shirts with black slacks [to quote Dylan from Don’t Look Back, “I could sing better than Caruso . . . if I WANTED to”], all of you MI guys, everyone: and there seemed to be a consensus. And that was: Whether it’s music video, video games, TV, film, or staged events, increasingly, the significance for producers has grown since the THEN to where it is in the NOW: big business.

So into the breach once more.

From ROGER WATERS’ 12-year Proustian journey into the completion of his amazing opera to the painstaking scoring of RIDLEY SCOTT’s Kingdom of Heaven and on through our minis with horrorshow-rific JOHN CARPENTER and the big dynamic audio duo SCHULKEY & GLASCOCK, right into HARRY GREGSON-WILLIAMS, this issue is everything the absinthe told us it could be.

Did we mention the first version of EQ TV? With DON WAS and GARY GOLD? Here? In print, as well? Or my bow in the worst movie of 1987? Bill Cosby’s Leonard Part 6? Well, pull up a chair and glass. Now, where to begin? Right here?