ZaqAudio Releases Zaquencer Version 1.03

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Zaqaudio announces the release of Version 1.03 of the Zaquencer. This update adds the “pendulum” direction mode and adds the ability to import/export your patterns and global settings as SysEx files. This SysEx feature can e.g. be used for:

  • backup of patterns/settings
  • switching of global settings for different setups (live or studio)
  • mirroring patterns to a second Zaquencer as a backup (for live)
  • exchange of patterns with collaborators

For the SysEx feature, the free & open source utility app Zaquencer Preset Manager has been created. So far this allows validating Zaquencer SysEx files after export with more functionality to come. If you already own the Zaquencer, you´ll find the download of the 1.03 full version in your account for free.

The Demo and Manual have also been updated.

If you would like to obtain a license, please visit the ZAQ Audio Shop. For more info, visit