Zenph Sound Innovations Successfully Integrates its Technologies - Dallas Wind Symphony Concert

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Zenph®Sound Innovations, an entertainment technology company that builds advanced software for understanding how musicians play, today announced a milestone in the integration of its technological assets.

This news follows last night’s successful collaboration with the Dallas Wind Symphony and the world premiere of Zenph’s piano re-performance® of George Gershwin playing “Rhapsody in Blue.” In addition to leveraging Zenph’s re-performance technology, Dallas Wind Symphony Maestro Jeff Hellmer used Zenph’s HCX (Home Concert Xtreme)™ software to conduct the orchestra in perfect synchrony with the virtual Gershwin. This is the first time the two Zenph technologies have been used together to create a seamless and interactive music experience.

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“Zenph is now on a path to further integrate these technologies and deliver the benefits in new software products for consumers and music professionals. Our new corporate direction leads us beyond listening experiences to interactive applications,” stated Dr. John Q. Walker, chairman and co-founder.

Zenph’s technology translates recorded music into nuanced data that describes exactly what musicians do as they play: their gestures, their timing, their physicality, their individual imprint on a piece of music. Zenph represents this unmistakable signature through an incredibly rich, highly-detailed data set called a re-performance. These re-performances can be played and recorded again any time, on different instruments, in any venue, in front of any microphones.

HCX is a piano performance and learning tool, which provides natural accompanimentthat actually follows the soloist—slowing down, speeding up and getting softer and louder in a musically coordinated fashion. It tracks any performer’s tempo beat-by-beat (in this case, George Gershwin’s), and turns pages in response to the playing.

The Dallas Wind Symphony, one of the nation's premiere classical ensembles, invited Zenph to participate in its concert season and enhance last night’s otherwise traditional event programming with something that was both cutting-edge and still held to timeless standards of musical quality.

“The new context allows people to hear Gershwin play one of the best pianos available in a fine concert hall with excellent musicians accompanying the re-performance,” noted conductor Hellmer.