Zivix Announces Retail Availability for Jamstik

Apple Store to Sell Portable Digital Instrument
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Zivix, the technology company striving to bring music to the masses, today announced that the jamstik is now available. The jamstik offers distinct advantages over any other guitar product, from its one-on-one music education app to its MIDI support unlocking unlimited new opportunities for music creation. It’s also the ultimate portable instrument and can be carried nearly anywhere, allowing musicians and students to create music whenever inspiration strikes. The jamstik is the only companion instrument for Apple devices that wirelessly gives users real tactile feedback and a next-generation guitar experience. It’s currently available for sale at select Apple® retail stores and Apple’s Online Store.


Recently named NAMM’s “Best in Show” in Nashville, the jamstik is truly a first-of-its-kind device in that it’s a portable digital instrument that connects wirelessly to Apple devices to learn, play and create music anywhere. It uses infrared light-sensing technology in its fretboard that “sees” finger placement and provides real-time feedback to an iPad®, iPhone® or Mac®. It also boasts real strings and real frets to give the user the tactile feedback of a traditional guitar. This unique use of technology is a great teaching and practice tool for any level of player, especially beginners as they receive visual cues with instant feedback while learning.

At the same time, the jamstik is a MIDI enabled controller compatible with hundreds of apps and gives more experienced musicians the ability to create music that’s limited only by their creativity. The jamstik can also create the sound of virtually any instrument in addition to the guitar, widening its many applications. Zivix is also bundling three custom applications available on the app store to assist with teaching guitar, customization and an instant music creation experience. JamTutor is a virtual teacher unlike anything on the market that provides real-time feedback to ensure proper finger positioning and technique. Arcade mode leverages an arcade-style interface for fun exercises and learning TAB, and jamMix is a hybrid DJ/guitar music remix application that allows players to have fun playing music no matter their experience level.

Its compact size is an additional strength of the award-winning lifestyle musical instrument. At just over 15 inches, it can easily fit into nearly any carry on, allowing the user to practice and create music anywhere!

“Our goal for the jamstik is to bring music to as many people as possible,” said Chris Heille, music product specialist, Zivix. “With the jamstik, the users get the real feel of a guitar, with a high tech twist and a lot of apps to help them learn for the first time, or help experienced musicians create music.”

Additional Features of the jamstik

  • Turn your iPad, iPhone or Mac in to a real musical instrument
  • Learn to play guitar with the bundled JamTutor app
  • Real strings, real frets, real picking and never needs tuning
  • Easily connect wirelessly
  • Backpack friendly and 100% portable to learn, play and create music anywhere
  • Compatible with GarageBand® and hundreds of other existing MIDI apps

Made In the USA

Zivix has also made a firm commitment to supporting American manufacturing, and is very proud to underscore that the jamstiks are being made in the United States. It’s a statement that will hopefully show other companies that high-quality, reliable and cost-efficient products can be made in America.

The jamstik is currently available with an MSRP of $299.99 in select Apple retail stores and jamstik.com.

About Zivix

Based in Minneapolis, Zivix is a technology company focused on making musical instruments more accessible for everyone. Zivix builds products for professional musicians, people who want to become musicians, and people who just want to have fun with musical tools.

Zivix developed the award winning jamstik, “The Guitar for your iPad,” and its wireless MIDI solution which is also incorporated in to a second product, the PUC Wireless MIDI Link allowing any MIDI based digital instrument to become wirelessly connected to any Apple device. The PUC will also be available at select Apple retail locations and at Apple.com.