Zynaptiq Releases UNCHIRP

Codec Artifact Removal/Transient Retrieval Plug-In
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 Zynaptiq announces the immediate availability of their codec artifact removal and transient retrieval plug-in, UNCHIRP. UNCHIRP is a plug-in for removing the most obnoxious artifacts associated with lossy audio encoding and other FFT based processes, such as spectral de-noising. The plug-in can reduce Musical Noise, suppress high frequency Chirping (also known as Underwater Sound, Warbling or The Tweeties), fix Transient Smearing, and restore lost high frequencies, simultaneously and in real-time. UNCHIRP salvages poorly encoded music, speech that has gone through a low bit rate uplink, material that has been de-noised too aggressively, or footage recorded with consumer mobile devices – and can be used to add contour and vibrance to already great sounding recordings.

The UNCHIRP features at a glance:

• Suppression of high frequency Chirping artifacts.

• Reduction of Musical Noise artifacts.

• Transient Synthesis to augment or replace smeared, over-limited or otherwise compromised transients.

• Psycho-Acoustically optimized Treble Boost circuit with Enhance and Excite modes.

• Break-Point Curve Editor based frequency-dependent processing.

• Side-only algorithm mode for working with joint-stereo encoded material.

• HD algorithm mode for increased quality processing with higher CPU load (off-line processing recommended).

• SYNC parameter allows processing to be synchronized to signal transients for increasing clarity.

• Output limiter for unsupervised use in batch processing applications.

• Highly time-efficient workflow and UI.

“We’re thrilled to release UNCHIRP.” Zynaptiq CEO Denis H. Goekdag said. “Its unique functionality for fixing problem material as well as sweetening good audio makes UNCHIRP an audio-processing tool re-recording mixers, music producers, dialog editors, mastering engineers and sound designers will be very happy to have at their disposal.”

Zynaptiq GmbH, based in Hannover, Germany, creates audio software based on artificial intelligence technology, and is known for their award-winning UNVEIL reverb removal, UNFILTER adaptive equalization and PITCHMAP real-time polyphonic pitch processing plug-ins.

UNCHIRP comes as AudioUnits, RTAS, AAX Native and VST plug-in for both Mac and Windows operating systems, and is available now, separately or as part of the ZAP Bundle. A free trial version is available from the product page.

UNCHIRP has an MSRP of USD 399 / EUR 369 (Euro price incl. 19% VAT).

For more information, please visit the product website at http://www.zynaptiq.com/unchirp/.