Adventures in DIY: DIY Snapshots 2

Pump Up Your Home Studio With These Tips
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Here are four more quick projects to pump up your home studio and help think about your gear in new ways. See for the first article in this series and many more DIY projects.

Rockin’ Rollers 1.


If your studio has a hardwood floor (like most pro rooms I’ve visited), a wonderful upgrade is to pry the wheels off your desk chair and replace them with Rollerblade-style rubber skate wheels. It’s amazing how relaxing it is to glide around.

Rockin’ Rollers 2.


After popping off my old wheels, I drilled holes in the bottom of a prefab closet shelf, inserted the wheels, and made a rolling rack for my rackmount gear. It now glides under my desk when I’m not using it, and then rolls out for tweaking and repatching.

Origami Organ.


The Yudo Kami-Oto (literally “papersound”) was a cardboard kit you could wrap around a Bluetooth computer keyboard to turn it into a MIDI controller. It never shipped, but I had fun assembling this prototype and playing with MIDIWriter, a 99¢ iOS app that maps QWERTY to MIDI.

Top-Shelf Upgrade.


My glass-topped keyboard stand is now far better with the addition of a first-gen iPad ($50 on eBay). The elderly tablet is still spry enough to run MIDI Designer Pro patch editors for my hardware synths ($24.99). If your iPad’s battery is fading, you can add an IK Multimedia iRig MIDI interface ($35 used) to power the pad while playing.