App Tip: Propellerhead Take 2

Three-Song Sketchpad Saves to Cloud, Opens in Reason
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Propellerhead’s recent updates to its Figure and Take for iOS (free in the iTunes App Store) make them free apps with cloud storage, so you can upload their audio to the new Discover community for others to use or for yourself to open into a larger project in Reason. This makes Take 2 a versatile mobile song sketchpad with three tracks, effects, Voice Tune, and Figure beat importing.

1. In a new song, hit Browse Beats on the Beat page. Any 3-track (drums/bass/lead) Propellerhead Figure beats saved to the company’s cloud will show up in Take’s browser for importing. Take stretches/transposes Figure’s beats to conform to its key and tempo.

2. Go to the Take page and use headphones to monitor the beat. Hit Record to capture a vocal or acoustic instrument performance. Recordings can be as long as you want, and the beat will loop. A swiping Erase feature lets you edit out unwanted parts.

3. On the Mix page, adjust levels for the Beat and three audio tracks. Each track can have one of 18 Channel Effects—a variety of stylized vocal settings— with adjustable character and wet/dry mix. The new Voice Tune keeps notes in key; you can apply it subtly, in full force, or turn it off.

4. On the Song page, name your song and set cover art from the photo library or camera. Save it and press Drop. That takes you to a Prepare page, where can trim the song’s start and end times, as well as apply one of eight mastering settings (including unmastered). Drop it to Propellerhead’s cloud, as either public or restricted to yourself and others whom you send a link.

5. Go to your profile page at for a list of your uploaded Take songs. Click one and select Open in Reason to create a Reason 8.1 or later session in the tempo of your song with the Take song as one audio track.