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Use Logic’s new Track Stacks feature to layer any number of software instruments and play them as if they were a single instrument.

In the early days of MIDI, synthesists created new sounds simply by assigning two or more instruments to the same MIDI channel and playing them both from the same keyboard. Most DAWs don’t make it difficult to do the same thing with software instruments, but Logic Pro X’s Track Stacks makes it easier than ever to layer instruments and then save that configuration as a preset you can use in any project.

Step 4: To save screen space by hiding the individual instruments, collapse the stacked track by clicking on the triangle in its header. Any processors you insert in the stacked track will apply to all the instruments. To make individual track adjustments or to view any instrument’s GUI, expand the track stack by clicking on the triangle again. Note that you can leave instrument GUIs open when you collapse the stacked track if you prefer.

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Step 1 Open a new file in Logic Pro X and create

three software instrument tracks assigned to an instrument plug-in.

Step 2 From the instrument list in the Library window, assign an electric piano, an organ, and synthesizer strings, respectively, to the three tracks. Pan the organ and strings hard left and right.

Step 3 Shift-click on the three tracks’ headers and select Create Track Stack from the Track menu in the menu bar.

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Step 4 Select a Summing Stack as the track type.

Play your keyboard to hear the piano, organ, and strings layered together.

Step 5 Click on the Save button in the Library window and give the track stack a name to store it as a Patch. Its name will appear in the Library window, allowing you to recall it for later use in any project.