Acoustic (Victory Records)
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Produced/Mixed by: Chris Steinmetz/Greyson E. Taylor, Shep Goodman/Kenny Gioia

We’ll level with you: We’re absolutely not fans of the whole emo-metal/punk stuff that is all the current MTV2 rage. In fact, it repulses us. That being said, this genre translates much better into a stripped-down, acoustic realm than it does within the traditional rock band parameters. This album isn’t bad, though I wouldn’t be quick to call it good either. One high point of this, however, is the production — which is both appropriate and endearing. As a reviewer, I won’t feign objectivity, but I can recommend this to those of you that dig this style of music — and it’s not a bad example of how an acoustic album should sound. Comes with a bonus DVD too, which is fairly snazzy.