Novation’s monthly Beats and Bytes series takes to Facebook to present in-depth product demos incorporating live Q&A with the audience and breaking down all the tips and tricks that various Novation products have to offer.

The next installment goes down on Thursday, December 14, 2017 at 4pm Pacific Standard Time on the Launchpad Pro button grid performance controller ($299 street) designed for Ableton Live. The crown jewel of the Launchpad series, this advanced controller has many recording, mixing, and performance modes, such as the Scale Mode for playing instruments from the illuminated pads in any desired scale.


Novation Technology Evangelist Enrique Martinez will lead this interactive session and demonstrate using the Launchpad Pro for advanced Ableton Live control, as well as manipulating external MIDI hardware from the Launchpad Pro’s MIDI I/O ports, and more.

Launchpad Pro comes with MIDI I/O adapters. 

Launchpad Pro comes with MIDI I/O adapters. 

Beats and Bytes sessions stay archived on Novation’s Facebook Videos page. The first one on the Circuit Mono Station sequencing synth is available now, but you have to be there live on December 14 at 4pm PST to get all your burning questions answered from the source. It’s like having a personal technology expert as your disposal… for 45 minutes.

Catch the Facebook Livestream at:

Check the Beats and Bytes schedule, including upcoming episodes on the gorgeous Peak polyphonic desktop synthesizer at: