Craig's List: Five Reasons to Run Away From a Recording Session

EM Craig Anderton Craig's List on Five Reasons to Run Away From a Recording Session
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1: You walk in and the engineer says, “Wow, this is your lucky day! I just updated my DAW software, and you''ll be my first project to use it!”

2: Setup is complete, and you''re ready to rock. But when you switch on a 100-watt guitar amp to start recording, the lights dim. And it''s not mood lighting. And they stay dim.

3: You make a comment, the engineer gives you a quizzical look, and then says, “Oh, that buzz? Don''t worry about it—you can only hear it on playback.”

4: Every time you talk to the engineer, he leans in a little closer, cups his hand to his ear, and says, “What?” in a loud voice.

5: There''s a hardware pitch-correction processor in the rack. You see that the Bypass switch is taped to the “on” position. Be afraid . . . be very afraid.