Craig’s List – Five Ways to Reduce Stress in the Studio

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1Never upgrade your computer or your DAW.Try this simple test: Click on Record. Does your DAW record? Click Stop. Does it stop? Click Play. Does it play? If so, you’re good to go! Just pretend it’s a tape recorder.

2 Have a dummy channel for dummies. When someone (probably a guitarist) wants you to turn up the volume in the mix, turn up the fader on the dummy channel with an input that goes . . . nowhere. Problem solved— aren’t you glad some musicians really do listen with their eyes instead of their ears?

3 Don’t back up your data. It’s stressful to always be on top of backing up your data, so just decide that nothing you did is actually worth keeping. That’s what record companies are going to tell you anyway—might as well be proactive!

4Get a modular synthesizer.Any electronic musician in your studio will become fascinated and spend hours (and hours) tinkering with it. Meanwhile, you can catch a movie, take a vacation, go to a baseball game, raise a child, whatever. No one will notice you’re not around. Really.

5 Record nothing but New Age music. The good news: It’s the least stressful music ever! The bad news: You’ll be recording nothing but New Age music.