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Berkleemusic, the online extension school of Berklee College of Music, is wrapping up enrollment for their fall semester this Monday, September 19th. Learn the concepts, techniques and technologies in a variety of music production areas including MIDI sequencing, desktop music production, sampling, sound design and audio production using Reason, Ableton Live, Logic, Sonar, Digital Performer and Digidesign's Pro Tools. Study on your own time from anywhere in the world with the faculty of Berklee College of Music.

Mixing and Mastering with Pro Tools
Gain a greater understanding of two key elements of production by learning the Berklee approach to mixing and mastering using Pro Tools. Essential knowledge for engineers, producers, or hobbyists who have their own home studio up and running, this course presents concepts that go beyond basic EQ and panning. Students will be exposed to more advanced mixing and mastering techniques including parallel compression, understanding reverb parameters as well as discussing compression techniques in mastering.

Producing Music with Ableton Live
Master the creative tools and techniques required to compose, record, remix, improvise, produce and edit your musical ideas, using Ableton's Live 5 audio and MIDI sequencing software, a sequencer you can play like an instrument. Unlike other sequencing software, Live allows you to create sequences in real time, on stage, or while remixing in the studio. You'll learn Live's interface, work within its various views to record and edit audio and MIDI, and explore Live's unique real-time recording and mixing capabilities.

Producing Music with Reason
Producing Music with Reason presents a broad overview of this versatile software's capabilities, and the techniques you'll need to learn to operate it effectively. The course covers sampling, sound design and sequencing basics, and guides you from the fundamentals of mixing and mastering to more advanced problem solving techniques that will improve your overall productions using Reason 3.0.

Producing Music with Digital Performer
Producing with Digital Performer provides you with a complete look at this powerful audio/MIDI music production tool. You'll learn how to properly set up your studio, record and edit audio and MIDI, and how to effectively use the programs various effects. You'll familiarize yourself with Digital Performer's tools and functions, the techniques necessary to develop your dynamic and phrasing ideas.

Desktop Music Production for PC
Let accomplished musician, sound designer and Berklee professor Michael Bierylo guide you through the challenges of setting up your own home studio, sampling, basic audio mixing, and more. With hands-on lessons and projects, you'll master concepts like digitization, signal flow, multi-tracking, equalization, signal processing, MIDI, and everything you need to turn your PC into a virtual multitrack studio using SONAR 4 Producer Edition software and Reason 3.0.

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Master Certificate in Producing
Production Masters Certificate Program gives you a complete understanding of the concepts and production techniques, from fundamental-to-advanced, that you'll need to create, produce, and record professional-sounding arrangements using the software and sequencers in Pro Tools, Abelton Live 5, and Digital Performer. Become more adept at producing both electronic sounding arrangements as well as arrangements with a more organic, natural feel.

Specialist Certificate in Studio Production
The Specialist Studio Production certificate will introduce you to concepts including studio set up and equipment optimization. You'll become proficient at recording in Pro Tools and receive technical training in sound recording, from setup to mix-down. You'll also gain a foundation in popular topics that include microphone placement and editing techniques.

Professional Certificate in Electronic Music Production & Sound Design
With the Professional Electronic Music Production and Sound Design certificate, you'll learn the basics of how synthesizers work, master sound design concepts, and move on to more advanced sound creation and manipulation techniques that you can transfer to any hardware or software synthesizer. You'll also become adept at producing electronic-sounding arrangements, as well as arrangements that have a more natural, organic feel, using MIDI sequencing software including Logic and Reason.

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