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I’ve actually been listening to XM Satellite Radio more than CDs recently. I really dig the “celestial jukebox” concept. So I figured I’d hip you to the three channels I’ve listened to the most this month.
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CHANNEL 82: The System. Great trance and electronica, particularly the “Oslo Nights” continuous trance mixes that run twice a week. Whenever I need a shot of energy, this is the place.

CHANNEL 102: Ngoma. I have a soft spot for Afropop, and despite the intrusion of an occasional sappy ballad, there’s a fine range of singer/songwriter and dance-oriented material. This channel could also be prescribed as an anti-depressant.

CHANNEL 77: Audio Visions. This is your basic new age zone, and a fitting nightcap. It’s actually pretty good, not the usual “happy arpeggios meets Zamfir” music that makes you want to throw things.