Since I recently moved, all my CDs have been packed. So I’ve been trying to listen to mainstream radio and to music video stations...and the less said about those musical wastelands the better.

But my trusty iPod has been rotating:

1. A playlist of pieces I’m working on for a classical guitar CD. It’s interesting and instructive to compare interpretations and production on versions recorded by different artists over a span of about 60 years.

2. A playlist of Pantera’s greatest — consider it a tribute to the late Dimebag Darrell. Besides, sometimes you simply gotta thrash.

3. Damien Rice, 0 — It’s a mixed bag; some songs I like, the rest don’t do much for me. But it’s a great example of songs working despite not-so-stellar production, and that can be just as instructive as learning from an audiophile production.