Find Thousands of Pro Vocalists on Vocalizr connects more than 12,000 working producers to working vocalists for paid Gigs and Contests.
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You’ve probably heard about how quality vocals on your tracks will give them a better shot at radio and DJ play. More and more electronic producer albums have more and more featured vocal tracks on them. But if you’re not a producer who likes to sing or who has connections with serious and seriously good singers, it can be an ordeal to connect with top-notch vocalists.

Trying to find people, for example, over Craigslist may work out just fine, but you’re just as or more likely to run into people who don’t have the voice quality, work ethic and/or emotional stability that you want.

The Internet to the rescue!

Vocalizr is one of those sites that you may not have heard about yet, but once you know, you say, “yeah, it’s about time someone made something like this.” The site has a clear and simple goal: to connect producers with vocalists and vice versa.

Actually, Vocalizr has been running since 2014, but has since been steadily improving and iterating on its site and services. By now it has reached some pretty impressive milestones and feels like a site you should be on if you have a desire to connect to producers and/or vocalists for any of your work.

So far, Vocalizer has paid out more than $180,000 USD to artists for recording jobs completed with the help of the site. Vocalizer uses an escrow system for money that’s put up for a Gig or a Contest on the site. For instance, if a producer has a $350 budget for a vocalist on a project, the producer pays the money into Vocalizr's escrow, so the prospective vocalists can be sure that the money’s real. However, the chosen vocalist will not be paid until the satisfactory completion of the project, so producers can be assured that they’ll get what they paid for. And everybody’s happy, including Vocalizr, which keeps a percentage of the commission.

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The system is attractive enough to rack up more 13,000 users, including more than 4,500 pro vocalists and 8,500 producers, with more joining every day. Users get a user profile that they can connect to their SoundCloud page and upload three signature audio files as their Showreel. Users can also be awarded a “Certified Pro” stamp by Vocalizr, which can help producers find pro quality talent quickly.

So far, most Gigs or Contests posted have been for producers seeking vocalists, but vocalists can seek and hire producers as well. Connecting artists also use the site to exchange lyrics, audio files and other communication.

A free Vocalizr membership gives you a limited amount of monthly connections and conversations, as well as basic statistics. The recently launched Pro subscription level gives you unlimited connections and messaging, as well as a discount on commissions, Pro statistics and a bump up to 10 Showreel audio tracks. The Pro membership costs $9 a month or $86 a year.

If you’re ready to be Vocalizd, you can compare the membership plans and be on your way to bringing more singing into the world.

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