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Music's Biggest Night Gets Bigger
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YOU’VE PROBABLY noticed some changes in this magazine over the past few months.

Here at Electronic Musician, we’re constantly evaluating the best ways to educate, inform, and engage readers, and the changing roles that print, online, and events play in that process.

We’re all musicians and engineers, too, and we seek out information in the same ways you do. We’re guided by the belief that the Internet is the go-to channel for breaking news and rich content, but print’s strength lies in providing context and expertise, content that transcends the “everyone’s an expert” wild west culture of the web. To that end, in each issue, we’re bringing you more gear reviews from top industry experts, deeper tutorials, and a little more “teeth” in the form of opinion pieces like our new “Rough Mix” column on the back page.

We’ve made some big changes at, as well, starting with a complete overhaul of our website design, and expanding our web-exclusive content with our new DIY Advisor career advice column, “5 Questions With…” interview series, in addition to print extras.

It’s all part of how we are evolving as a resource to help you make better music.

Let us know what you think. You are all part of the conversation.